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Chatbot Marketing: A Complete Guide on Why Conversational Marketing Is Necessary for Your Business

Chatbot Marketing:  A Complete Guide on Why Conversational Marketing Is Necessary for Your Business

Here’s the thing: humans are biologically wired to chat or have a conversation. Click To Tweet

They don’t like scouring web pages and links to find what they are looking for.

They just want to simply ask and get what they want.

This is the psychological reality that makes chatbot marketing so successful. 

Look at the numbers.

About 53% of service organizations plan to use chatbots within 18 months. This figure shows a whopping 136% growth rate.

Over 64% of agents with AI chatbots are able to spend their time solving complex problems instead of answering repetitive questions, compared to 50% of agents without AI chatbots.

77% of customers believe chatbots will radically change their expectations of companies in the next five years.

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What is a Chatbot?

For starters, a chatbot is a software app designed to answer questions, help, assist and guide humans in a human-like manner.

Chatbot marketing or “conversational marketing”  is simply the approach of using chatbots to market, maintain and expand your business using real-time dynamic communication.

I’ll take you through the complete business funnel and show you how chatbots have become indispensable at every stage. These stages are the building blocks of your overall business marketing strategy.

Chatbots have the ability to assist you at every stage of the sales funnel.

Chatbots are excellent at the following:

  • Inform, educate (answering questions, support)
  • Personalize (chatbots read the context and conduct conversations using the golden rules of personalization)
  • Attract, convert (lead generation, conversion)



Customer support is one of the biggest areas where businesses lose money.

U.S. companies lose over $62 billion per year due to poor customer service.

And yet businesses keep spending like crazy on customer service.

Chatbots are the solution.


Human customer service representatives need time to find the best possible solutions to questions. Sometimes they do a sloppy job. Maybe they are in a bad mood, maybe they found the customer a bit rude.

Result: Over half of the Americans have canceled their plans to purchase a service or a product just because of bad customer service.

Compare this to chatbot-based customer service, where 79% of the customers said they get their answers almost immediately when they interact with a chatbot.


Why? Chatbots don’t need time to search or figure out. They are programmed to quickly retrieve and send solutions and answers based on customers’ questions.

Let me show you some examples.




Personalization has the ability to boost sales by a whopping 20%. The best thing about chatbots is that when they are programmed with AI (artificial intelligence) they can receive natural language requests and respond personally. 

Here is an example showing high personalization and context awareness.


The user can’t help but notice the high capability of the chatbot. They will know that they are talking to a smart entity and would get engaged immediately. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation is perhaps the most important part of any business. More leads mean more business and money. Chatbots are remarkable when it comes to lead generation.

Here’s a simple case study.


A potential client comes to your website. Immediately, you engage them using your chatbot. They might ask a few quick questions. Your bot will give smart answers. You program your chatbot to ask for and retrieve the name and email address of the user. This information gets populated into a simple Google sheet. You have your lead without any manual effort. 

What if you weren’t using this chatbot? You wouldn’t have this lead, because there is no chance the user would have filled in a contact form or sent an email to ask their question. 

Get a Chatbot for Your Business Now

If you are looking to develop and integrate a chatbot with your online business, website or your social media, connect with Chatbot Funnels.

Arvell Craig is the Founder of Chatbot Funnels – a leading conversational marketing agency that helps marketing teams and agencies use chatbots for increasing lead generation.