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Data Strategies Designed to Improve Your Lead Generation Efforts


Wednesday 18 December, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM (EST)

Please join us for an educational webinar on how to use advanced data strategies to improve your lead generation efforts.

According to current research, it takes 6 – 13 touches to generate a sales qualified lead. It’s easy to take this information and increase your cadences, but what do those touches actually look like? Are they based on intuition/guesswork, or do you have data strategies to make the most of your outreach? 

Data quality impacts your targeting options,  personalization capabilities, and the number of channels you can touch your prospects. Equipped with the right information you can increase your cadences’ overall effectiveness in generating SQL’s.  

The better the data, the better the results, period. 

Join Shawn and guest speaker Jason Hubbard, VP of Growth at SalesIntel, as they delve into data strategies designed to improve your lead generation efforts and learn about Shawn’s personal experiences with data-driven campaigns. 

You will learn:

  • Advanced database strategies
  • Data preparation for lead generation
  • Data appending options
  • Data workflows and processes
  • Data collection methods
  • What to look for in a data provider


  • Jason Hubbard, Vp of Growth- SalesIntel

    Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as the VP of Growth for SalesIntel.io. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

  • Shawn Elledge, Founder - Lead Generation Institute

    Shawn built his first company at the age of 24 from a one-man, one-client business in 1500 sqft office park to over 40 employees with 600 customers and 11,000 sqft facility in 5 years. Today Shawn spends most of his time helping companies develop cost-conscious, effective and efficient B2B lead generation programs by either sharing his expertise on LGi or directly managing client campaigns at his B2B agency Sales Lead Automation.

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